Force Field Generator


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Force Field Generator: a device for creating a small enclosed space for heating purposes.

The generator creates a highly charged electric current that ionizes all gas particles in its path. The ionized gas instantly forms a complex electro-magnetic filed and becomes what is called cold plasma, “cold” simply meaning that the plasma does not require high temperatures to remain stable. The particles within the plasma interact constantly in a series of localized attractions and repulsions, creating a wall that is impenetrable to external, and what is important for our purposes, internal energy. This energy mirror can be used to contain heat, especially that generated by human bodies. By directing the electric current in certain directions we can create a force field of nearly any shape, and by regulating the intensity of the current we can create a field of nearly any size within the constraints of our power supply. A 120-volt charge from the wall outlet, for instance, provides enough power for this generator at its present height to create a stable cold plasma dome about fifteen feet in diameter.

The first image shows the designer Matt Winn first presenting the idea to the studio.

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