The project on bridge street ran from January 6 - April 30, 2003.
It was located at 665 Bridge Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Studio members for this project included:
John M. Castellese
Shana Curtis
Tanya Dyer
Jason Edwards
Brad Fowler
Ashley Lieber
Suzanne Paulsen
Adrienne Quint
Margaret Reed
Chris Shearer

Paul Wittenbraker

Check back soon for more extensive documentation of the projects and activities of this project.

Below is an index of images that give a quick overview of the activities.
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The space

the_space0 the_space2the_space1the_space3


Modern / Vernacular


Laurie Palmer visit and Lecture


Stockbridge to Scale

stockbridge15 stockbridge16 stockbridge17 stockbridge18

stockbridge19 stockbridge20 stockbridge21 stockbridge22


In the Window

inwindow23 inwindow24 inwindow25



Welcom Happy Sausage

welsausage26 welsausage27 welsausage28 welsausage29

welsausage30 welsausage31 welsausage32 welsausage33