Remote Civic Studio

January-April 2020
223 Washington St SE

Civic Studio uses visual art methods to study, form, and present art in a specific public context. Our work emerges from our context and therefore includes the development of a project site, individual and collaborative work, and service-learning. Civic Studio typically operates ‘in public’ presenting lectures, visual displays, and public gatherings. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of these studio concerns and goals have been significantly impacted. Each work featured here responds to the impact of COVID-19 while questioning how to engage a new and radically different “public” space.

Civic Studio is a Visual Studies course offered within the Visual & Media Art Department at Grand Valley State University. The members of Civic Studio would like to thank the CARC  Staff at the City Archives, the Grand Rapids Public Museum School and the Grand Rapids Public Museum for partnering with the 2020 studio.

Projects and events from this studio

Project Archive includes an index of projects and exhibitions on this site.