Civic Studio has operated in a variety of locations in the Grand Rapids area since 1999, with each project bringing new insight to the histories and presents of the city. Studio members spend a semester researching the area surrounding the studio’s location, which culminates in a final research based art project.


Civic on Lyon St.

The first Civic Studio - a pilot project on Lyon Street in Grand Rapids.

Bridge St. Studio

Studio in and old storefront; formerly the Music Center, an all-accordian music store.

Alabama St. Studio

Studio in the Fritz Manufacturing building, makers of wagons, cabinets, and ice cream parlors.

Creston Rock Shop

Studio in a notorious former lapidary shop.

Centralstation Studio

Studio in the Grand Rapids city bus Central Station.

Wealthy Street Studio

A study of Wealthy Street, a five mile street that begins and ends in the city.

On the River Studio 

Focus on the Grand River and environs from two containers on the Interurban bridge.

Civic Studio at the UICA

In residence at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts.

American Bread Company

Studio in a long-closed neighborhood bakery

Showroom at Broadway and Bridge

Studio in former Hudson automobile showroom.

Straight St. Studio at Wealthy

Studio in Gallmeyer and Livingston factory and offices.

Straight and Wealthy

Back to this space with mostly a new crew.

Studio at the Community Archives

Studio housed between the Community Archives and Research Center (CARC) and the Public Museum High School

Remote Civic Studio

Civic Studio copes with an unexpected change in location

Civic Studio: Weird Research

Still in the midst of online learning, Civic Studio members research paranormal phenomena, urban legends, folklore mythologies, or other “weird” regional histories from their hometowns and regions.

Civic at Straight and Wealthy (again)

Back in person, studio members create research-driven art that looks at the histories, presents, and futures of the SWAN neighborhood on the west side of Grand Rapids.

Civic at Straight and Wealthy

Back at the Padnos Iron & Metal company factory and offices, Civic Studio members lean into weird fiction to probe structural systems reflected in the natural and social landscapes of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Project Archive includes an index of projects and exhibitions on this site.