At the Plum Grove

Cover The Land

December 9, 2015

Cover the Land was a project in the exhibition At the Plum Grove

As we progress through history, humanity has begun to exist in tension with nature. Westown embodies this idea, with the presence of both natural and industrial landscapes forming the neighborhood. The tension between the natural landscapes, such as the river, and the industrial/urban expansion is felt in the streets of the West Side, though one does not fully take over the other. There is a balance struck between these two existences- seemingly opposing, but creating the landscape where people live, work, and breathe. Both provide a scenario where one can be supported by the area. This is an ideal imaginary.

A similar tension can be reflected in the tension between the gentrification of downtown and the residents of the West Side, bring up the question, "Who is it for?" When applied to social structures and the residents of the West Side, what does the ideal look like? Where is the balance? Who can thrive in Westown?

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