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Dan Peterman Studio Visit

November 7, 2003

Dan Peterman visited the Civic Studio in November of 2003. During the visit he gave a public lecture on his work and initiated a studio that resulted in the Department of Forestry project.

Peterman is a Chicago-based artist whose projects and installations focus on the contemporary issues of wealth, consumer waste, ecological destruction, and homelessness. He implements recycled materials as well as waste products into his pieces to engage viewers in a dialogue concerning environmental and social responsibilities. His work often amplifies the roles institutions and knowledge play in the material lives of people. His work has been displayed in galleries and public spaces throughout the world. Recent Major projects include the 2001 Berlin Biennale and the exhibit "Ecologies" with Mark Dion and Peter Fend at the Smart Museum of the University of Chicago.

This lecture was cosponsored with the Calvin Visual Arts Guild. The civic studio is a project of the art department at Grand Valley State University and is supported in part by the Johnson Center for Philanthropy at GVSU.

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