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Stockbridge to Scale

March 14, 2003

Stockbridge to Scale: An Event of Constructing a Model

Through our questioning of placement and space, more questions begin to arise. Notably, How does space shape us, when we are the ones shaping it?

Visiting foreign spaces can be exciting and invigorating, but it is our everyday environment and sense of familiar space, that most directly shapes who we are. We shape and change our surroundings everyday, through the institutions, houses, roadways, and structures we build.

Our structured space is inherently inhibiting. Our roadways and highways allow us mobility and movement, while simultaneously constricting our movement. Despite this, we should not feel permanently constrained. Our environments are as easily changed as building blocks....as models.

Materials that we use to construct and build our spaces are consistent in being both the output of our production, and the remains of our consumption. Visually, we construct and interpret space through materials. The idea of constructing "Stockbridge to Scale" (a model) with only found materials of the area contained the potential to speak "honestly" of the environment...for it was directly from it.

The construction of the model began with very few outlined boundaries. We wanted the space within the studio to speak for itself. Notably, the movement of people in the studio became key in stimulating the change and growth within the model. The model began to have a life of it's own.

Rapidly the space within the studio at 665 Bridge Street evolved into a grace of moving hands and feet....a stir of contemplation, conversation, and innovative ideas. The movements made by the participants began revealing acts of productivity, lending performance qualities to this piece.

As in the outside world, movement constitutes the "non-boundaries of space", while constructing these boundaries at the same time. We observed, contributed, and changed simultaneously with the construction of this model.

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