Superfund Coffee Hide Underground Furniture Strike

April 22-24, 2022

Civic Studio is proud to present Superfund Coffee Hide Underground Furniture Strike, an exhibition of research-driven art that looks at the histories, presents, and futures of the SWAN neighborhood on the west side of Grand Rapids. Working in a variety of media—video, drawing, installation, design, sound, and photography— the artists in Civic Studio have responded to diverse subjects including the Butterworth Landfill, the role of coffee culture in gentrification, the leather trade, symbolic and literal burial sites, and the driving forces behind the furniture labor strikes of the early twentieth century.

Special thanks to PADNOS for their generous support of this project.

Featuring: Sam Arnone, Railyn Eaddy, Xavier Golden, Isabella Good, Samuel James, Kasey Kanka, Floria Mason, Janiah Mather, Julia Michalik, CB O'Grady, Andrea Sanchez, Joycelle Shoemaker, Andrew Vickery, Tiffany M. Wells

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