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Two Films Screening

February 28th, 2019

Civic Studio held a public screening and discussion of the films “Bear in the Valley” by Deke Weaver and “The Violence of a Civilization Without Secrets” by Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil, and Jackson Polys. 

Bear in the Valley is part of a Deke Weaver’s life-long project, The Unreliable Bestiary. With selfie sticks and climate collapse this cinematic essay forges links between ecotourism, seeing, and the sublime: a wry, quiet, call to arms. Why do we always have to put ourselves in the picture? Human Beings are drawn to powerful places, but most of us don’t have the patience to learn from them.

Watch the film here

The Violence of Civilization Without Secrets was commissioned for The Contour Biennale 8 as an urgent reflection on indigenous sovereignty, the undead violence of museum archives, and post-mortem justice. Filmmakers Adam and Zack Khalil, in collaboration with artist Jackson Polys, investigate the recent court case that decided the fate of the remains of a prehistoric Paleoamerican man found in Kennewick, Washington State in 1996. The case pitted the Umatilla people and other tribes, who wanted to provide a burial to the “Ancient One”, against two scientists—one of which from the publicly-funded Smithsonian Institute—who wanted to study the “Kennewick Man”.

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