Liminal Dissonance


April 19, 2017

A W¢LLAR is a unit which measures the value of intangible, and often unrecognized, forms of loss, similar to how dollar$ are used to measure profit or price. However, in order for there to be profit in dollar$ there are often forms of immeasurable loss elsewhere (emotional, time, energy, memory, etc.) W¢llars were created because the persuit of capital is often exploitive, which has tragic outcomes. The W¢llars value of a person’s loss is determined through a process called W¢llar Consultation.

During a W¢llar Consultation, visitors determined the W¢llar value of their loss with the help of another person. Questions and prompts served to mediate the conversation between visitors and this person, helping to generate a Wollar value for your loss. The loss in consideration can take any form, a specific instance or a culmination of disparate events. The person present was there to converse with visitors and help in determining the value of their case of loss, but ultimately that value will be determined by the person on the losing end.

This process does not require that person to identify the person, group, or institution profiting from their loss, but in doing so, this process can also serve to recognize one’s claim of a grievance against another party.

The loss in consideration can take any form. If you wish to sign up for a W¢llar Consultation, it is helpful if a specific incidence of loss has been identified.

The Wollar project occurred in its second iteration at Civic Studio 2017. On the exterior of the building, the Wollar flag was mounted, while consultations were held on the interior.

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